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Smart upbeat as Rizla Suzuki pulls through a tough day at Thruxton

Author: Rizla Suzuki Press Release
Posted on: Monday, Apr 11 2005

Smart finished seventh in the opening race at the Hampshire circuit. He then altered the rear suspension settings on his Rizla Suzuki for the second race and despite pulling out on lap 13, came back to the pits upbeat that he has unlocked extra performance that will let him race at the front in the future.

British Superbike Champion John Reynolds took a battling 14th place finish in the first race. Still suffering from a broken right leg, JR was outside of the points and struggling against the bumpy nature of the track in the second race when his crew called him into the pits to retire rather than risking further injury.

Former Formula One commentator Murray Walker joined Rizla Suzuki at its home Thruxton circuit to lend his support to the team. He spoke highly of JR's bravery in racing at one of the fastest tracks in the UK. Honda's Ryuichi Kiyonari won both races.

Rizla Suzuki now goes to Oulton Park on Friday 15th April for an official BSB test before the Championship resumes with the third round at Mallory Park on April 24th. Channel Four will be showing highlights of today's racing next Sunday morning - featuring a competition to win a pillion ride with Rizla Suzuki at Mallory Park.

Scott Smart:
"The Rizla Suzuki that I started the second race with was by far the best bike I have ever ridden. After the first race we made an alteration to my rear suspension that I instantly gelled with and knew was a big step forward for both the team and me.

"I started strongly in the second race with high hopes but was forced to pull out on lap 13. My team is looking into what caused the retirement and I am looking forward to Mallory Park with a lot of enthusiasm. We have made significant progress with the setting on my GSX-R1000 and I can't wait to race again."

John Reynolds:
"Thank you to my crew for pulling me out of the second race when they did - I was suffering with my broken right leg and was well outside the points. Looking at the big picture, it was the correct decision as I was risking a lot for no reward.

"I will have a meeting with my doctor on Wednesday to assess my leg and see what else I can do to speed up my recovery. I feel as though I have been riding this weekend and not able to race because of my physical condition. My aim now is to be racing again as soon as possible."

Norris Farrow, Chief Technician to Scott Smart:
"Today has been a tough day for Rizla Suzuki but the results do not reflect our true position. With the setting change made to Scott's bike for the second race, we have overcome the single biggest hurdle that was limiting his performance. Both Scott and the team go to Mallory Park in a positive mood.

"Thruxton is a circuit that punishes any injury and JR proved his bravery and determination by scoring points in the opening race. There is no way he was going to ever give-up in the second race, but as a team we made the decision to pull him out when it was clear he wasn't going to score points. He got the best result he could've today and is back with his doctor on Wednesday to further his recovery."

Race One Result: 1: Ryuichi Kiyonari (Honda) 28:05.231, 2: Michael Rutter (Honda) +9.672, 3: Gregorio Lavilla (Ducati) +12.111, 4: Leon Haslam (Ducati) +15.791, 5: Sean Emmett (Yamaha) +15.817, 6: Karl Harris (Honda) +17.628, 7: SCOTT SMART (RIZLA SUZUKI) +18.340, 8: Dean Thomas (Kawasaki) +18.615, 9: Glen Richards (Kawasaki) +25.311, 10: Tommy Hill (Yamaha) +32.655, 14: JOHN REYNOLDS (RIZLA SUZUKI) +45.634.

Race Two Result: 1: Kiyonari 28:45.734, 2: Lavilla +0.444, 3: Rutter +1.298, 4: Emmett +7.055, 5: Richards +8.896, 6: Thomas +9.066, 7: Haslam +9.188, 8: Harris +10.392, 9: Jeremy McWilliams (Honda) +21.668, 10: Steve Plater (Kawasaki) +21.833, DNF: JOHN REYNOLDS (RIZLA SUZUKI), DNF: SCOTT SMART (RIZLA SUZUKI).

Championship Standings after two of 13 rounds: 1: Kiyonari 100, 2: Lavilla 72, 3: Rutter 69, 4: Emmett 46, 5: Richards 43, 6: Harris 38, 7: Haslam 35, 8: Thomas 31, 9: SCOTT SMART (RIZLA SUZUKI) 17, 10: JOHN REYNOLDS (RIZLA SUZUKI) 16.

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