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Author: Camel Media Service
Posted on: Saturday, Apr 16 2005

Troy Bayliss, who in the morning free session rode a good pace to set the sixth fastest time, crashed in the afternoon hour whilst on a fast lap, bashing his left shoulder and head against the ground. Nevertheless, with the determination and courage which has become his trademark, he returned straight to the pit garage only to immediately get back out on track for the rest of the session with his second bike. At the end of the session, given that he didnít remember the incident, he visited Doctor Ruggiero Mattioliís mobile clinic, who after consultation with the circuit medical centre, decided there was no need for a CAT scan, and will simply visit the Camel Honda rider tomorrow morning before the third free practice session. Troyís left shoulder is hurting him slightly and he also had some memory loss from the hours prior to the crash, which is thankfully now coming back to him.

Sito Pons - Camel Honda
"I'm happy with how today's practices went, although I'm sorry for Troy's crash. However I know he's okay now, that he went straight back out on the track and I'm sure he'll be out there again tomorrow. Alex went really well, as we expect from him, consistent and quick. I hope that tomorrow he continues at this pace, so we can see him have the ride that everyone expects from him in the race."

Alex Barros Ė Camel Honda Ė 1í38.516 1st position "Iím very happy, not only because of setting the fastest time, but also because our rhythm today was very consistent. We did some good work, getting a good base set-up for the bike, even though the conditions arenít perfect; itís cold and the asphalt hasnít got much grip. This morning we had fifteen minutes maximum on a completely dry track, while it was better in the afternoon, if a little cold. You had to be careful because it was hard to keep the tyre warm, especially on the left hand side, seeing as the track has ten right turns and only four left. However, weíve started off better than in Jerez, thatís for sure, and even though I still havenít seen the othersí pace, I can easily say that ours is faster than during last yearís race. Tomorrow the forecast is for better weather and the others will also improve, but we will try
and do so too, working through some of the finer details of the set-up. I think that a good race pace would be in the low 1í38s, with a few laps in 1í37 perhaps. Iím sorry that Troy crashed, I didnít realise until the end of the session because I saw him riding right to the

Troy Bayliss Ė Camel Honda Ė 1í40.639 16th position
"I canít really say much about today because I donít remember too much! I crashed, and then returned to the box, but donít remember the incident. I hit the ground with my left shoulder, it was a big hit, but as it wasnít hurting that much I went out again. I think I need a bit of a rest, but tomorrow Iíll ride again because this morning we did a good job, riding consistently fast and I want to make some good progress also tomorrow".

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