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Update on Regis Laconi

Author: WSB News
Posted on: Sunday, May 17 2009


Laconi suffered two broken cervical vertebrae (C3 and C5), severe concussion and a contusion of the lung. A CT scan for eventual neurological damage, proved to be negative and for the moment he is in an induced coma and in a stable condition. After consultation with Dr. Maurizio Zorzi, the South African neuro-surgeon who was called from Pretoria to check on the patientís condition, it was decided not to operate immediately and to postpone any eventual intervention for a few days.

Barring complications, a further three weeks will be required before a clear clinical picture of the situation can be made, during which the French rider will have to remain totally immobile.

Sunday Morning Update

Updated Sunday Morning at 9.00 (SA time)

Regis Laconiís condition is reported to be improving slowly.
The French rider, who crashed on his out lap in the opening free practice session of Friday morning in a fast left-hand corner, is currently hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Sunninghill Hospital in Johannesburg.

He was successfully brought out of a medically-induced coma and his upper and lower limbs immediately showed signs of autonomous movement. As a result it has been decided to carry out the operation that involves the application of a plate to stabilize the two fractured vertebrae. The operation will be carried out on Tuesday 19th May, and Regis will have to stay a minimum of two weeks in the same hospital.

He should, at the end of the month, be in a condition to be transferred to Paris, where he will complete his convalescence.
The other neurological problems resulting from the crash are also showing positive results.

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