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Author: Helen Pask
Posted on: Friday, Jun 05 2009

Another competitor had a mechanical failure resulting in a large oil slick being deposited on the tarmac between Bray Hill and Quarter Bridge causing one outfit to spin and crash, luckily the pair suffered minor injuries but the race control had little option but to abandon the evening practice to allow for the road to be thoroughly cleaned ahead of the final session on Friday.

Ben and Tom were not involved as by this time they were registered as passing through Glen Helen around 12 miles into the course. They managed to put in a quick time through the Sulby speed trap of 137.8mph being the fifth fastest competitors at the time.

But the session had already been red flagged and the riders already out on the course were held at Ramsey to proceed back to the pits behind the travelling marshal their practice over before even registering one lap.

It was disappointing not to be able to get even one lap in but we did at least get far enough at race speed to be able to check the ignition was working ok from the previous evening. The bike was running well and we are looking forward to the final night where we really want to get at least two laps under our belts in readiness for the race on Saturday.

We are both really enjoying our time here and cant wait for the race to get underway on Saturday.

The final session of the week is tonight - Friday when it is hoped everything goes to plan for the Mansfield brothers who line up for their first three-lap race on Saturday at 3pm.

The weather forecast for tonight is fine and dry again but Saturday is not looking too good with heavy rain predicted. Lets hope the weatherman has got it wrong. Its not so much the rain as the cloud cover and mist on the mountain that will delay the race start.

Pic credit Mark Wally Walters

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