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Harris recovers to secure sixth

Author: Hopnda Press Release
Posted on: Sunday, Apr 24 2005

The first race ended in dramatic fashion for the gritty Yorkshireman. Hot in pursuit of early leader Ryuichi Kiyonari, Harris came to grief on the entry to Gerard’s Bend as a result of a collision with Gregorio Lavilla. The Spaniard highsided in front of the unlucky rider, who could do nothing to avoid the wreckage. Fortunately, Harris was unhurt and given the all-clear to compete in the second leg.

Harris was determined to bring home the Fireblade in the points at the start of race two. He achieved his objective with distinction, despite a slow start to the 12-lap sprint race. The shortened distance was a result of two red flags and restarts, with Harris battling through from tenth at the end of the first lap to take his fourth sixth position of the season at the chequered flag.

Karl Harris: “I was OK after the first race crash, although I believe that it looked quite spectacular on the live television coverage. That made me all the more determined to overcome my misfortune. Although sixth in the second race equalled my best result of the season, it has been a really frustrating afternoon for all the riders – and me in particular. However, I’m looking forward to returning to Oulton Park next weekend, which has traditionally been one of my favourite circuits.”

Superbike race one result: 1. M. Rutter (HM Plant Honda Racing) 21:48.024; 2. G. Richards (Kawasaki) +6.706; 3. L. Haslam (Ducati) +10.354; 4. S. Emmett (Yamaha) +11.299; 5. S. Smart (Suzuki) +13.465; 6. D. Thomas (Kawasaki) +17.638; 7. M. Laverty (Honda) +18.015; 8. G. Mason (Honda) +21.170; 9. D. Beaumont (Honda) +23.640; 10. S. Brogan (Honda) +30.548; DNF K. Harris (

Fastest lap: 51.590 – M. Rutter (lap 3) new lap record

Superbike race two result: 1. M. Rutter (HM Plant Honda Racing) 10:27.220; 2. G. Richards (Kawasaki) +0.946; 3. G. Lavilla (Ducati) +0.997; 4. D. Thomas (Kawasaki) +2.021; 5. L. Haslam (Ducati) +2.513; 6. K. Harris ( +8.390; 7. G. Mason (Honda) +8.603; 8. S. Smart (Suzuki) +8.826; 9. M. Laverty (Honda) +9.086; 10. S. Emmett (Yamaha) +9.601; 14. J. Rea (Red Bull Honda) +18.650; DNS. R. Kiyonari (HM Plant Honda Racing)

Fastest lap: 0:51.513 – G. Lavilla (lap 8)

Championship points after three rounds: 1. Rutter – 119; 2. Kiyonari – 100; 3. Lavilla – 88; 4. Richards – 83; 5. Emmett – 65; 6. Haslam – 62; 7. Thomas – 54; 8. Harris 48; 9. Smart – 36; 10. Mason – 30; 17. Rea – 11

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