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Manx Motor Cycle Club introduces a new class and machines for the 2010 Manx Grand Prix.

Author: MMCC Press Release
Posted on: Thursday, Oct 22 2009

For the Post Classic race the Club has opened up the eligibility regulations by increasing the engine capacity for 4 strokes, adding four valve head machines and allowing the larger capacity 2 strokes.

Bill Bennett, Chairman Manx Motor Cycle Club explained why the changes had been introduced-

“There are no other Classic races that take place on TT Course and there is a very strong following of Classic racing at the Manx Grand Prix. This new class will help to recreate the late 1960’s races and provide an opportunity for riders and spectators to enjoy a wider variety of classic bikes on the TT Course.

He continued:-

“To build on the success of the Post Classic race we’ve expanded the eligibility criteria to widen the experience of the field and to preserve an era in time that sits comfortably between the classic era and modern. Race fans can look forward to a good field and competitive racing on the TT Course ”.

The proposed 2010 MGP race programme kicks off with the Newcomers race alongside the Post Classic in the morning and the Junior/Lightweight Classic Race in the afternoon on Monday 30th August; the Senior Classic and Junior MGP on Wednesday 1st September and the event concludes on Friday 3rd September with the Lightweight/Ultra Lightweight MGP and Senior MGP.

The 2010 regulations will be available to download from the Manx Motor Cycle Club website ( from mid March and further details regarding specification and cut off dates may be obtained from the MGP website or by contacting the MMCC Office.

2010 MGP Supplementary Regulations – changes to Senior Classic and Post Classic races


(i) Senior

601 - 1050cc 4 stroke and 351 - 750cc 2 stroke, cut off date 31st December 1985.

(ii) Junior

Up to 600cc 4 stroke, cut off date 31st December 1985.

126-250cc Grand Prix Factory Bikes Steel frame or period aluminium frame, any brakes, any wheels, cut off date 31st December 1985.

126-250cc. Standard frames, Standard fairing. No airboxes. Any brakes. Cut off dates 1st January 1985 - 31st December 1991.

251-350cc Steel frame, any brakes, any wheels. Cut off date 31st December 1985.


Class A – 351cc–500cc

Class B Formula Classic – 501cc–750 cc

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