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Italian Manufacturer, CRP Racing, Moves into Electric Superbikes with TTXGP

Author: Superbike News
Posted on: Monday, Nov 30 2009

The ‘Italian’ style bike, the eCRP1.0, is expected to launch at the Motorsports Industry Association (MIA) event Cleaner Racing Conference on 13 January 2010 at NEC in Birmingham. For the first time, an Italian company will bring to this ‘new’ world of electric motorcycles, its knowledge and experience which can only benefit all concerned. The eCRP 1.0 bike will be the first Italian electronic vehicle that will enter the TTXGP 2010 series which includes PRO1, PRO2 Isle of Man and circuit races across the globe.

A new generation of motorsports requires innovative thinking to take plans off the drawing board and on to the race track. CRP Racing has a history of ‘reinventing the wheel’ to ensure it maintains its place as a dynamic state-of-the-art racing reality that continuously improves its R&D department together with CRP Technology, a world leader in automotive, defence and aerospace development.
CRP Racing, will pioneer the organisation’s entry into the next generation motorcycles with TTXGP - a recognition that this particular form of motorsport represents a step change in organizational development and technical skills base. The earlier the entry, the longer CRP has to learn and develop the skills and technology required to master TTXGP.

Eng. Livia Cevolini, CRP Racing, said, "Joining the project of TTXGP means for us stretching the boundary of innovation in a race for the future! I find this project an extraordinary idea. These motorcycles are real examples of a ‘laptop on two wheels’ and I think that they will capture a new audience. In particular, they have the ability to engage with all young people who understand the latest electronic technologies and started surfing the net before going to primary school. The eCRP 1.0 will be ready for the launch on 13 January during the NEC. However, we will present the project for the first time in America at PRI in December to demonstrate just what an Italian manufacturer can bring to that particular market. I support and share the idea of TTXGP Founder, Azhar Hussain, who deserves to be given the credit for creating a new era of motorsport. Moreover, I think that these bikes are also a skilful demonstration of how motorsport can adjust to the environment without giving up its identity."

TTXGP is the world’s first zero carbon, clean emission motorcycle series. It held its first race on the infamous Isle of Man TT circuit in June 2009 and has recently announced its North America championship launch at Infineon on 15 May and UK Championship 2010 launch at Cadwell Park 3 – 4 July.

Azhar Hussain, TTXGP, said, “We are incredibly privileged to be involved with CRP and to benefit from their motorsport expertise. Between us we are not only developing a new generation of motorsports but also a new generation of engineers; competition improves the breed – whether in the research lab or on the track. TTXGP is a catalyst for delivering lasting change; we are that moment in time when history is made. We invite all those who want to change the world to engage with TTXGP and stake a claim for the ‘tomorrows’.”

TTXGP has long been supported by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA). Chris Aylett, Chief Executive, said, “Victory in motorsport changes public minds. Audiences buy winning products and TTXGP has demonstrated zero emission is a winning formula. Young people will get this message very easily – they want the coolest, latest, high-tech vehicle and with Italian flare and design, the CRP partnership will deliver a world beater. TTXGP has accelerated partnerships between British and international companies within one year of its foundation. A high speed result worthy of motorsport”.


TTXGP, the world’s first zero carbon, clean emission motorcycle event, was held on the Isle of Man TT course on June 12, 2009 as part of the traditional TT race programme. 16 motorbikes from six different countries, including the USA, India, Germany, Austria, UK and the Isle of Man took part in the race. Full high definition DVD available from

CRP TECHNOLOGY is an integrated engineering solution. Thanks to deep knowledge in different markets and target sectors CRP has become an industrial adviser focusing on finding the right solutions for customers dealing with complex projects. CRP is therefore the Problem-Solving Industrial Adviser for Complex Projects no matters what the sector is: aerospace, defence, motorsport, automotive, special projects. A key element that allows for this to work well is that CRP also has the ability to actually "DO" almost all of the components in this stream.
Engineering and Reverse Engineering, Plastic and Metal Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), Windformâ, CNC machining, Rapid Casting, Quality inspection and Certification: it is through these the finished customer solution is created. There are many companies that can do these items but very few can match the time frame of CRP. CRP sells time and does so with the best quality can be made.

Also CRP has the race heritage: 25 seasons in F1, 8 seasons in MotoGP, 8 seasons in WRC, 4 seasons in Rally Raid (Paris-Dakar), 4 seasons in ALMS and Le Mans 24h.

CRP RACING is the Italian leading company to develop 2stroke bikes. Founded in 2006, thanks to the collaboration of the parent company CRP Technology that boasts long experience in racing, CRP Racing has succeeded not only in the Road Racing Italian Championship and Honda Trophy (2007 and 2009 Champion) but also joined the World Championship MotoGP 125cc as a wild card in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The Motorsport Industry Association Membership displays a wide demographic spread, including; Motorsport and Performance Engineering companies, race and rally teams, governing bodies, motorsport services, research organisations, race circuits and universities and colleges. The MIA Membership displays a wide demographic spread, including; Motorsport and Performance Engineering companies, race and rally teams, governing bodies, motorsport services, research organisations, race circuits and universities and colleges.

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