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Derry Kissack biography now available

Author: Bill Snelling
Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 02 2009

Derry Kissack, 'chef d'equipe of the Purple Helmets has just released his biography 'Do you know Derry Kissack? No! But I know a fella who does!

Anyone who has ever been to Onchan Stadium or Peel Promenade and watched in awe at the 'cunning stunts' perpetrated by the Purple Helmets will know Derry's voice "at speeds in excess of one hundred miles an hour".

Derry has just released from custody his autobiography. It is not all about motorcycling - in fact hardly anything about racing, but is a humorous account of life on the Island. Trials were his passion, especially sidecar trials and he was one of the Island's premier trials 'chairmen'.

An historical TT note: the Kissack family won the contract to dismantle the Bungalow Hotel in winter 1957/58. And dismantle it they did; every nail, plank, tile etc. was carefully cleaned and stored away. For years, red roof tiles were spotted all over the Island.

Available from

UK: 3.00
Europe: 7.00
RoW: 12.00

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