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Author: MMCC Press Release
Posted on: Friday, Nov 26 2010


Revised calendar, regulations and races designed to appeal to fans, sponsors and competitors

The Manx Motor Cycle Club and Department of Economic Development have been working together on the structure and definition of the Manx Grand Prix Races ahead of the 2011 event.

The significant changes include new classes and a revised calendar that will see the meeting ending with a high profile Classic Superbike Race. The team have also reviewed the replica criteria in the Classic Races to ensure that results are not skewed by the participation of current TT riders.

Developments to the race definition include the introduction of a Twin Cylinder (Super Twin) MGP Race incorporating 650cc four stroke and 250cc two stroke machines and the reworking of the Lightweight MGP Race, limiting the race to 400cc four stroke, 125cc two stroke and the exciting new 450cc single cylinder machines.

The regulations for the renamed 500cc Classic GP race have been modified to allow 350cc machines to enter, while the upper capacity limit of the Formula Classic Race has been increased to 850cc and the cut off date extended to 1974, which are both designed to increase the number of entries. Riders entering multiple Classic races will be given an entry fee discount which is also hoped will further boost the number of participants.

Aiming to keep spectator appeal to a maximum through the variety of racing machinery competing, each race day will feature both modern and classic bikes. Monday 29thAugust sees a combined 350cc and 250cc Classic Grand Prix followed by the Junior Manx Grand Prix Race.

Wednesday 31st August will feature the combined new Super Twin Manx Grand Prix Race and Lightweight MGP, which will follow the combined Formula Classic and 500cc Classic GP Races. The meeting culminates on Friday 2nd September with the Senior Manx Grand Prix for 750cc multi cylinder and 1000cc twin cylinder machines, followed by the newly titled Classic Superbike Race and concurrently run Junior Post Classic Race.

The organisers have changed rider eligibility for the modern races and will now consider entries from previous race winners wishing to compete, although riders who have competed in the TT for two years preceding the race, or who have won a TT replica within the previous four years, will not be eligible. The same terms will be applied to the awarding of Classic race replica’s, with replica times now based on the first finisher not to have competed in the two previous TT’s or been awarded a replica in the previous four years TT Races.

The race structure has been reviewed to improve safety for riders by reducing the number of starters to 90 in any one race, and for riders to start on their own, at ten second intervals, which is in line with the policy for the TT Races.

Bill Bennett, Chairman, Manx Motor Cycle Club, commented:

“We are working closely with the Isle of Man Government and the ACU to create a better festival for our classic and modern bike competitors that will also appeal to spectators and potential sponsors.”

Geoff Corkish, MBE, MHK, Political Member, Isle of Man Tourism, commented:

“I want to thank the Manx Motor Cycle Club for their concerted effort to improve the Manx Grand Prix Races, as an integral part of the Manx Grand Prix festival. We believe that the changes will appeal to competitors and visitors alike as we look to build on our ambition to become the world’s best classic racing experience.”

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