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Rossiís rehabilitation enters first phase

Author: Moto GP Press Release
Posted on: Thursday, Dec 02 2010

The next stage in Valentino Rossiís recovery from the shoulder surgery he underwent on November 14th has begun after the 31 year-old had ten stitches removed by Doctor Giuseppe Porcellini, one of the specialists who operated on him just over a fortnight ago.

Seventeen days after his operation in Cattolica and with his recovery going according to plan Rossi has been able to start the first phase of his rehabilitation. Rossiís physiotherapist explained that the first stage placed only a passive emphasis on the shoulder, to avoid any complications around the joint.

Doctor Porcellini, satisfied with the progress of Rossiís physical condition in the weeks following the operation, said that if the course of recovery continues to follow its recent path then Rossi could expect to start making active movements and exercises with the shoulder within 15 days.

Rossi said on his official website: ďIíve started the rehabilitation on the shoulder and the situation is improving. Itís two weeks since the operation and Iíve now had the stitches removed by Doctor Porcellini. From today Iíll be back in the gym, at least working on the rest of my body, and to work on the shoulder even if it is passive so as not to lose any mobility.Ē

ďIn about two weeks I will begin active work in the pool and gym to be ready for the three days of Testing in February (1st-3rd at Sepang). We must make progress, and we hope to be fit in time for the first Test of 2011 with Ducati.Ē

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