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2011 The Gorse Lea Marshals’ Mountain of ChocolaTTe Course

Author: Cocoa Red
Posted on: Thursday, Apr 14 2011

The Gorse Lea Marshals are ecstatic to announce their recently-signed research contract with Cocoa Red, Master Chocolatiers of Port St Mary. The terms of the agreement are still under wrappers, but it is patently obvious to all but the most uninformed that field and hedge trials of the new, limited edition, TT100 Bar will be carried out at the round bale under rigorous laboratory conditions.

Following the signing of the historic deal a spokesman for Cocoa Red stated euphorically, “Our team of Chocolatiers has trained under many of the best Master Chocolatiers in the chocolate industry. It is our Chocolatiers’ aim to produce the finest and most innovative flavours of chocolate. Never satisfied with the ordinary, our Chocolatiers are always creating new and dynamic flavours. Every chocolate at Cocoa Red is handcrafted with expertise, care and plenty of flair. A truly unique product is always assured. We are obviously very excited at the prospect that our newest creation may be endorsed by the Gorse Lea Marshals; but only following extensive testing, of course. We are hopeful, that our luxury bar may carry the prestigious Suppliers of Luxury Manx Chocolates to The Gorse Lea Marshals seal of approval.”

A Gorse Lea Marshals’ spokesman stated,

“This ish arguabbubbly yum ob the mmmosht yummporrtant chocummentsh ever shhined im the imtereshts of schhhhientific researccch.”

Cocoa Red Limited Edition TT100 Bars will be available from leading retailers from 1st May 2011.

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