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Encouraging Increase in Entries for Manx Grand Prix

Author: MGP Press Release
Posted on: Friday, Jul 15 2011

The Manx Motor Cycle Club are pleased to announce a significant increase in the number of entries accepted for the 2011 Manx Grand Prix, which commences with the first practice session on Saturday 20th August.

519 entries have been accepted by the organisers compared with 469 in 2010.

It is encouraging that the numbers of Newcomers accepted have increased from last year, helped by the continuing assistance received from the Mike Hailwood Foundation in bringing potential Manx Grand Prix riders over early in the year to see the Snaefell Mountain Course for themselves.

The other Manx Grand Prix modern races have also attracted extra entries this year which is pleasing in the current economic climate.

Overall the Classic classes are also up on 2010. However the Post Classic races remain similar to last year although the 2011 regulations allow for a wider range of machinery.

The Manx Motor Cycle Club are looking forward to welcoming our ‘regular’ competitors, newcomers, friends, supporters and enthusiasts to ‘the most sporting races of the year’ in a few weeks time.

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