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Manx Grand Prix Regulations 2012 and Beyond

Author: MMCC Press Release
Posted on: Friday, Oct 28 2011

Following on from a successful 2011 Manx Grand Prix, the Manx Motor Cycle Club would like to announce its intention to keep the regulations for the races substantially unchanged for the next three years, with a review following the 2014 event in time for 2015. It is hoped that this will give existing and potential new competitors the confidence to invest in machinery they know they will be able to use at the Grand Prix for the next three years at least.

Third class to be re-introduced to Newcomers Race

With fifty five competitors supporting the 2011 Newcomers Race and over 20% of them running 400/125 machines it is proposed to re-introduce the third class for the 2012 Newcomers event. The proposed three classes will mirror the main MGP events as follows:

Class A
(550cc-750cc 4 stroke / 4 cylinder, 651cc-1000cc 4 stroke / 2 cylinder, 601cc-675cc 4 stroke 3- cylinder, 601cc-1000cc Rotary equivalent)

Class B
(201cc-450cc 2 stroke 2 cylinder, up to 650cc 4 stroke / 2 cylinder)

Class C
(up to 125cc single cylinder 2 stroke, 251-400cc 4 stroke 4 cylinder, up to 450cc single cylinder 4 stroke)

As with all other races, if, in the opinion of the Manx Motor Cycle Club Committee, sufficient entries are not received for either class, the Club may at its discretion amalgamate that class with any other.

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