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Pre TT Classic Meeting Starts Tonight

Author: Malcolm
Posted on: Friday, May 27 2005

In The singles (175cc - 250cc & 251cc - 350cc) we have all the usual riders, including Bill Swallow, Derek Whalley, John Loder, Mike Hose Eddie Byers etc, also in there is Kay Streets, Ivan Coates from Peel on his Greeves Silverstone, Richard Bool from Ballaugh on his Ducati. Mervyn Stratford on his Greeves Silverstone, Alan "Bud" Jackson, Roy Richardson, Roger Hurst from Laxey, Peter Richardson and John Leech Jnr. Peter Large from Australia is here on a 250 Ducati and Wolfgang Pohl on a 250 Villa GP.

In the Senior Classic, we have yet again Bill Swallow, Mike Hose and John Loder, Chris Palmer is out on his Fred Walmsley Manx Norton, Chris McGahan (now based in Douglas) on the Trekdean Seeley, "Bud" Jackson again, Alec Whitwell from Blackpool on the beautifully prepared Geoff Bates 500 Honda, Watty Brown and Roy Richardson to name but a few.

In The Senior/Junior Class there is Stuart Noon, Ivan Coates, Graham Taubman, Adrian Elwood from Lisburn, Kay Streets, Dave Clark from Ramsey, John Leech Jnr, David Brasier, and Elle Forrest on the 350 Elwood Honda, and of course not forgetting our board regular Larry Devlin on his beautiful 500 Butenuth BMW. Werner Molders from Germany is also here on his 346 Drixton Honda.

Sidecars include, Stuart Digby and Paul Thomas, Eddy Toombs and Bob Dowty, Ralf Engelhardt and Winfried Viecenz, Artie Oates and Tim Dixon, Dick Hawes and Eddie Kiff, newcomers Eddy Wright and Neil Whitley from Tadcaster/Newton Aycliff, Bernard Collonge and Fabrice Durantet from France, Jurgen Krapf and Tina Gillessen from Germany and David Large with Geoff Neil on their 1150 Vincent Special all the way from Australia.

Dave Madsen Mygdal is down as a reserve for an outing on the 750 Trident in the Post Classic Superbike/850cc Classic Race as is Larry Devlin. The ususal lineup includes Bill Swallow, Mike Hose, Chris Palmer, Chris McGahan, John Loder, Derek Whalley, "Bud" Jackson, Eddie Byers, Robert McCrum, Wattie Brown and Alan Oversby to name a few.

Questions to ask are, can Bill Swallow add to his 11 Pre TT Classic victories to date, this year and of course, how will Chris Palmer go in the Classics instead of the small strokers that are now no longer with us at the TT.

This has the making of a great meeting and for those of you that love the noise and thunder that these bikes make, it is a must to be there. I for one will certainly be there.

For all the updates and results you can visit the Southern 100 Website on

Manx radio are covering the races, so tune in and hear it live.

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