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TT2005 Gets off to a start tonight

Author: Malcolm
Posted on: Saturday, May 28 2005

TT2005 gets underway this evening from 18:15 with the solo boys taking to the road for their first look at the course in 12 months. They will be out there until 19:30 and then the sidecar boys will get their chance until either the light fades or they are called in at the appointed cut off time of 20:25 hrs.

They face an outing that will be dogged with very blustery weather, and that will assure a degree of discomfort for everyone, expecially as they traverse the mountain section. Windy corner will certainly live up to it's name tonight, that's for sure.

How will McGuinness do this year after a pretty unremarkable run of reults in the BSB recently, will Jim Moodie be there for him this year or not ?

Will Molly and Dan Sayle finally manage to crack that elusive 20 minute barrier ?

Will Martin Finnegan scare the living daylights out of the commentary team at the hairpin again, as he backs his bike in on every lap ?

Will Chris Palmer fair well on the big bikes now that the "strokers" have gone ? He certainly looked up for it at Castletown last night and again this afternoon when out on the Manx Norton of Fred Walmsley.

Watch for Ryan Farquhar this year, I have an inkling that he may well make this year, his year.

Can Ian Lougher put behind him the disappointments of last year ?

So many questions that will be answered during the course of the next few weeks and I am sure there will be quite a few surprises in store for all of us.

Whatever transpires, we at TTwebsite wish all of the boys out there, giving their all, the very best of luck and best wishes for a safe and successful TT2005.

Keep it on the black stuff boys and go for it.

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