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Difficult day on the island

Author: Team DMRR Honda Press Release
Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 08 2005

Earlier this week, 38-year-old Lougher dominated the 37.75-mile mountain course aboard the Team DMRR Honda Racing CBR600RR. With an advantage of more than 22 seconds at the chequered flag, he made the opening Supersport race look easy.

Seven-times TT victor Lougher had a positive start in today’s four-lap event and quickly propelled himself into second position behind Ryan Farquhar at Ballaugh Bridge. A thrilling display of close racing between the two leading riders ensued through the Ramsey hairpin, until they were just four seconds apart at the end of lap one. Lougher posted an impressive opening lap time of 18:33.26 (122.009mph).

Britton also made a strong start and remained close behind his Team DMRR Honda Racing team-mate. By the Grandstand, the Enniskillen-based rider had moved up to fourth position and recorded an encouraging first lap time of 18:45.39 (120.694mph).

However, at the Crosby Hotel on the second lap, 34-year-old Britton experienced technical difficulties with the CBR600RR and was unable to complete the remainder of the race. Lougher also encountered technical difficulties with the Supersport machine while challenging eventual victor Farquhar on lap two. County Down-based Lougher was forced to retire from the race at Westwood near Kirk Michael.

Ian Lougher: “It’s really frustrating for me. The Team DMRR Honda Racing CBR600RR is an excellent bike – the victory in the first leg of the Supersport TT on Monday is a testament to how well it can perform. I was just unlucky today really – I know it couldn’t be helped.”

Richard Britton: “I was right up there on the first lap and I know I could have pushed for a podium place. It’s a shame that I was unable to finish the Supersport Junior TT race on the island this year, but I know what the Team DMRR CBR600RR is capable of and there’s always next year’s TT!”

Steam Packet Supersport Junior TT result
Race B

1. R. Farquhar (Kawasaki) 1:15:01.42; 2. J. Griffiths (Yamaha) 1:15:15.72; 3. R. Porter (Yamaha) 1:15:30.53; 4. G. Martin (Honda) 1:15:55.99; 5. M. Finnegan (Honda) 1:16:01.00; 6. J. Maeda (Honda) 1:16:26.66; 7. I. Hutchinson (Honda) 1:16:28.89; 8. N. Beattie (Yamaha) 1:16:48.28; 9. G. Carswell (Yamaha) 1:17:07.78; 10. C. Palmer (Honda) 1:17:10.52; DNF. I. Lougher (Team DMRR Honda Racing); DNF. R. Britton (Team DMRR Honda Racing)

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