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MGP press release no 3

Author: Department of Tourism and Leisure
Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 29 2005

Entries for this year’s Manx Grand Prix have now closed and the total is very similar to last year.

Of the 653 total class entries, organisers the Manx Motor Cycle Club have been able to accept 580 from 368 individual competitors.

A total of 53 newcomers out of 65 entries have been accepted. Of these 34 are entered in Class A (750cc), 15 in Class C (125 and 400cc) and four in Class C (250cc). The latter will return as a separate class after being dropped last year due to insufficient entries.

In the main classes there are almost full grids across the board. The Senior has 100 riders, the Junior 115 and the Lightweight/Ultra Lightweight 105. In the latter, 26 are in the 250cc class and 79 are in the 125/400cc category.

The Classic races have held up well, too. In the 500cc Senior there is a field of 101. The combined Junior and Lightweight has 106, of which 78 are in the 350cc section and 28 are in the 250cc race.

Entry Breakdown:

Senior : 100
Junior : 115
Lightweight : 26
Ultra Lightweight : 79
Newcomers 750 : 34
Newcomers 125/400 : 15
Newcomers 250 : 4
Senior Classic : 101
Junior Classic : 78
Lightweight Classic : 28

Practising for the event starts on Saturday August 20th and the race days will be Monday August 29th, Wednesday August 31st and Friday September 2nd.

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