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TTMA - Marshal’s Social Evenings

Author: TTMA
Posted on: Thursday, Jan 20 2005

If you have never been to a marshal’s social gathering it is time you did, come along and meet the person, whose voice you have heard over the radio scores of times, but have never met. Seriously it is nice to meet up outside the all too brief periods of racing where we are all tucked away in, or behind, our particular wall or hedge.

During the evening there is a short training/safety presentation. You may think “oh I’ve seen that” but things change. Due to Health and Safety, who take a keen interest in what we do, it is advisable that we see as many presentations as we can and be aware of any methods or procedures that have changed since we last saw one, anyway you can watch whilst drinking a pint, the first one is complementary to all registered marshals. It is also good for any prospective marshal’s to see what it is all about, as the evening’s are also open to anyone who fancies joining and ultimately taking up temporary residence in their own particular bit of hedgerow.

Sector marshals local to the particular social gathering will be present along with some of the organising committee who are a mine of information, so it is a good time to have all those tricky questions, for which you need answers, to hand. Also present will be a few of the riders. They also come under fire during a rider’s forum where you can get their views on things. It is good to get a feel of what the riders expect from us and that we let them know what we already do for them and how we go about it. The riders present at these gatherings last year included Milky Quayle, Norman Kneen, Dave Molyneux, Nick Crowe, Nigel Beattie, Chris Palmer and Gary Carswell.

One last point and to reinforce the ongoing recruitment drive, bring a mate along or anyone who is interested in joining, it is a bit of fun. We can never have too many marshals and remember without them the racing will not happen.

The social events are being held at various locations around the Isle of Man:

January 25th Ramsey @ Masonic Hall in Ramsey
January 31st Douglas @ Masonic Hall in Douglas
February 8th Laxey @ Laxey Sailing Club
February 15th Kirk Michael @ Michael Utd Football Club
February 23rd Peel @ Peel Football Club
March 1st @ the Crosby Hotel
March 9th @ Ronaldsway Social Club

The evenings start at 7.30pm.

Further information about marshalling on the Isle of Man can be obtained from the Isle of Man TT Marshals Association Limited by emailing or by visiting our website at

Regards Bill Carden.

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