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Posted on: Monday, Jan 24 2005

Rossi and Edwards continued from where they left off yesterday, once again spending the day refining settings on their M1s and trying to find the best way to develop the new version of the bike, as well as testing a variety of Michelin tyres. According to the unofficial lap times, Ducati rider Loris Capirossi was the fastest man on the track for second day running, setting a time of 201.99, whilst Rossi was second fastest once again, completing 55 laps with a best time of 202.16. He was followed by Alex Barros (Honda, 202.30), Max Biaggi (Honda, 202.35), seemingly well recovered from a broken leg sustained in November, and Kenny Roberts (Suzuki, 202.38). Rossis Yamaha team-mate Colin Edwards completed 62 laps and was sixth fastest with a time of 202.48.

Valentino Rossi, (202.16, 55 laps)

I am quite happy with the work weve done today. We worked on suspension and set-up and the bike gave us some good data and a good feeling. Yesterday we went the wrong way with some things but today weve made some modifications and weve found the right way forward. Weve worked mainly on making the bike more agile and trying to make it more like the 2004 bike in this area, and we had a really good run of improvements this morning.

Colin Edwards (202.48, 62 laps)

We sorted out our first-day teething problems and Im feeling much happier about everything. Im so tired tonight, but we knew wed have to work hard! Overnight we had some ideas and they seem to have worked; now it feels like were going in the right direction. The most important thing is front confidence and I had more of it today. Overall now it doesnt feel so different from the old bike and the whole package is good. Tomorrow well play around some more, probably do a race simulation and hopefully make some more improvements.

Davide Brivio, Gauloises Yamaha Team Director

It was a productive day for both riders. We spent a lot of time testing tyres for Michelin and we made a good job of this. Before that we were able to improve the bike settings compared to yesterday, so we are on the way. Tomorrow is the final day so we will hope that we can continue this work and finish on a good note.

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