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MGP Practice summary

Author: Department of Tourism and Leisure
Posted on: Saturday, Aug 27 2005

A difficult week for the organisers was finally completed with the fastest speed of the week in the last session on Saturday evening.

Southport’s Alan Jackson lapped at 118.997mph from a standing start on a 600cc Honda and claimed he was easing up towards the end of the lap!

It was continued indication that, although the outright lap record is held by a 750cc machine (Davy Morgan 2004) the nimble 600cc models are often an easier proposition through the corners.

The quickest 750cc time was that of John Burrows (Suzuki) at 118.669mph also set on the second Saturday. In the Lightweight the best was Gavin Bell (Honda) at 112.757mph; the Ultra Lightweights were headed by Maria Costello at 105.932mph.

In the Classic classes, the leaders were: Senior Chris Palmer (Norton 104.397mph; Junior Chris McGahan (Honda) 101.165mph; Lightweight Jonathon Cutts (Suzuki) 95.218mph.

Quickest newcomer was Brett Crossley (600 Yamaha) at 111.618mph; the B class was led by Nigel John (250 Honda) at 104.008mph; and the C class it was Sam Dunlop (125 Honda) at 99.912mph.

The first day’s racing will take place on Bank Holiday Monday August 29th, with the Newcomers’ Race at 10.15am. The Senior Classic Race will follow at 1.15pm. Both races will be over four laps – 150.92 miles (242.8 kilometres).

On Wednesday there will be the 600cc Junior Race and the Junior Classic, each over four laps.

On Friday there will be the Lightweight/Ultra Lightweight Race, followed by the Senior, each over four laps.


SENIOR John Burrows 750 Suzuki 19-04.60 118.669

JUNIOR Alan Jackson 600 Honda 19-01.44 118.997

LIGHTWEIGHT Gavin Bell 250 Honda 20-04.61 112.757

U/LIGHTWEIGHT Maria Costello 400 Honda 21-22.22 105.932
SENIOR CLASSIC Chris Palmer 500 Norton 21-41.07 104.397

JUNIOR CLASSIC Chris McGahan 350 Honda 22-22.64 101.165

LW CLASSIC Jonathon Cutts 250 Suzuki 23-46.48 95.218

NEWCOMERS A Brett Crossley 600 Yamaha 20-16.90 111.618

NEWCOMERS B Nigel John 250 Honda 21-45.94 104.008

NEWCOMERS C Sam Dunlop 125 Honda 22-39.47 99.912

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