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Author: Camel Honda Media Release
Posted on: Sunday, Oct 02 2005

Sito Pons – Camel Honda
“Alex had a decent race considering the difficulties he had all weekend trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to find a set-up that would give him the confidence require to ride as hard as he can. Of course, it’s not a result to be satisfied with considering how fast we can be, and as we have already demonstrated we can be, but now we’re looking forward to the next race in Phillip Island where conditions will be very different and where we hope to find Alex extremely competitive once again. In my opinion Shane had a great race considering how little he has ridden the Honda, and the fact that he had never ridden here in Qatar before. He has worked well with the team, he didn’t make any errors, and today he rode at the same pace as the top ten riders. It really was a good job.”

Alex Barros – Camel Honda – 9th
“I think that Qatar has been the worst weekend of the year, despite having finished the race in the top ten and even passing a few guys. To be honest I was never able to get a decent enough feeling to aim for a better result and of course, that doesn’t make me happy. I didn’t enjoy it, I was quite slow, I couldn’t battle and to put it simply, I was frustrated. The bike was running well, we worked as well as ever and we found a good set-up. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a suitable front tyre for me on this track. We hope that in Australia where conditions are really different and it’s cooler, Michelin can help me find a
solution to improve front end response.”

Shane Byrne – Camel Honda – 13th
“From a certain point of view I’m quite happy with this race, but from another I’m not so happy. We got really close to the rest here, but in the race I had a lot of trouble with the front. The team had done a great job with setting up the rest of the bike though. Chassis, suspension, rear tyre, everything was perfect, but just as I began to push I got problems on the front end. I knew that I could go quicker, but every time I tried, I risked going down. It’s a real shame because after the practices we did, I thought we could get into the top ten.”

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