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New Vincent book

Posted on: Friday, Oct 28 2005

Having to sell their motorcycles in extremely competitive markets, the companies of HRD and Vincent sought to promote them with extensive advertising that was supported by racing, record-breaking, long distance runs and other activities which provided yet more opportunities to advertise, not just in Britain but the world over.

This book of 550 illustrations reproduces many of those advertisements, along with letters, photographs and sufficient supporting text to explain how they all contribute to the stories of HRD and Vincent motorcycles.

Although 1955 marked the end of production of Vincents, the way that the subsequent activities of owners, clubs, businesses, magazines, etc, have kept the famous name in theforefront of 'Classic' motorcycling into the 21st century is also recounted, using many illustrations from the ensuing 50 year post-production period.

A limited run of 998 copies of this fascinating and informative publication have been printed, and are available, signed and numbered, from the author, David Wright, 3 Mourne View, Peel, Isle of Man, British Isles, IM5 1UJ.

The cost is 25, postage UK and surface ROW is 7.00, airmail postage is 15.00. Personal cheques only.

Hardback A4, 324 pages, 550 illustrations

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