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Author: Camel Media Press Release
Posted on: Saturday, Nov 05 2005

The experienced Brazilian made the most of the base setting the team found here in winter testing, leaving tomorrow to fine-tune things. Youngster Kiyonari began well in the morning, closing in on the top ten riders as he finished the session in twelfth place, but in the afternoon he was held back by trying a few changes which didnít pay off as desired. The Japanese rider is confident of improvement in todayís available two hours.

Sito Pons Ė Camel Honda
ďAs a first day of practice things didnít go too badly today, with Alex showing he had a good pace going and finishing in the top three in the morning and then in the top six in the afternoon when he rode in the 1í33 bracket. The settings he found here with the team in winter tests have worked well and tomorrow he can calmly focus on getting things just right and choosing the right tyres. Ryuichi got away well this morning, but in the afternoon instead of making steps forward as we expected, he found out that the changes they made werenít giving the required results. Nevertheless the technical briefing he had with the team has helped decide which way they will go tomorrow. I think he can massively improve on today.Ē

Alex Barros Ė Camel Honda Ė 1í33.967 Ė 6th fastest
ďThis is a short track and itís not too quick either, so it doesnít need a great deal of power, especially in the first three gears. This morning we focused on the electronics to cut a bit of power out of the lower gears and avoid the bike rearing up. We had a good base set-up from the pre-season tests, and tomorrow we will work to make it even better. We need to find some better grip in the rear because itís sliding a bit too much. The grip from the asphalt improved during the morning hour, but then in the afternoon it didnít change too much and after trying lots of rear tyres, I still couldnít find the most suitable one. Tomorrow we will work on this and on the rear shock too. In general though Iím happy with this first day of practice.Ē

Ryuichi Kyionari Ė Camel Honda Ė 1í35.579 Ė 17th fastest
ďMy position today doesnít reflect my potential, nor the teamís nor the bikeís too, and Iím the only rider who didnítí improve on the time set in the morning session. Itís my fault because I still havenít rediscovered the technical sensitivity thatís required in MotoGP and I chose some changes to the set-up which ultimately worsened the bike rather than improved it. We have checked the data with the team and tomorrow morning will go back and try several more solutions. Iím sure we can do better than this because this morning I felt very good with the RC211V.Ē

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