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A mystery solved!

Author: Bill Snelling
Posted on: Friday, Mar 03 2006

Many years ago, we put this picture on ttwebsite and asked if anyone could recognise the rider.
Tonight, Malcolm received a mail which gives the identity.

Hello with regard to the rider sat on the EMC 125, it is WWR Insley from Hickling Pastures Notts, known as Ross Insley a family friend. He rode a 125cc Bultaco TSS in 1962 & 1963. He retired at the bottom of Bray Hill having failed to start in 1962 (flooded engine, carb problem) in 1963 he got lapped on the last lap at the Knook by Hugh Anderson race winner in record time denying Ross his coveted finisherís award.

Sadly Ross Passed away a few years ago but I canít remember him mentioning
riding the EMC mind you I was only a schoolboy in short trousers back then, its possible he had a sit on the EMC when the picture was taken as the number on the bike is 22 which would be Rex Averyís† bike,†Ross rode no 51 on the Bultaco that year.

I have the original Bultaco that Ross rode in 1962, Ross being kind enough to leave it to me, I also road race Bultaco 250 TSS bikes here and in Europe having caught the bug from Ross all those years ago.

Hope this will be of use to you and thanks for all the work you put in, the picture certainly brought some pleasant memories back.

Best regards
Kevin Breedon

(unfortunately, I cannot find a shot of Ross) WS

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