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TT 2006 - Monday Night Practice Report

Author: Dept of Tourism & Leisure Press Release
Posted on: Tuesday, May 30 2006

It happened on the exit from Union Mills, on the Ballahutchin Straight – about three miles from the start - and involved Japanese star Jun Maeda and Seamus Greene from County Donegal. Both men were taken to hospital by the rescue helicopter.

Jun Maeda was said to have pelvic injuries and his condition was said to be "serious". Seamus Greene suffered head injuries and he was said to be "critical".

The practice was suspended while the road was cleared of debris and fuel, the solo session being re-started when this had been done.

Riders were restricted to one lap and were followed by the sidecar competitors with Dave Molyneux and Craig Hallam recording the fastest sidecar lap of the week so far at 114.955, equating to a lap time of 19 minutes 41.58 seconds.

Fastest speed of the night was set up by Martin Finnegan on his TT Superbike Honda Fireblade at 121.457 miles an hour. Other leading speeds were –

TT Superbike: Martin Finnegan 121.457; Guy Martin, Yamaha, 121.006; Ian Lougher, Honda, 120.603

TT Supersport: Guy Martin, Yamaha, 118.055; Ian Lougher, Honda, 117.568; Nigel Beattie, Yamaha, 115.483.

TT Superstock: Adrian Archibald, Suzuki, 119.096; Ian Hutchinson, Kawasaki, 118.937; John McGuinness, Honda, 118.935.

Sidecars: Dave Molyneux and Craig Hallam, Honda, 114.955; Phil Dongworth and Stuart Castles, Ireson Yamaha, 107.528; Nick Crowe and Darren Hope, Honda, 106.876.

A total of 220 machines went through scrutineering. This figure was made up of 73 Superbikes, 61 Supersports, 59 Sidecars and 27 Superstocks.

Sidecar passenger James Cornell from the United States – who was involved in a crash during Saturday night’s practice - was described as ‘still critical.’ He suffered multiple injuries in the incident at May Hill, on the climb up to Ramsey Hairpin. His driver, Doug Dano, was described as "fairly comfortable."

Also said to be fairly comfortable was travelling marshal Keith Trubshaw who suffered fractures after sliding off his machine on a patch of oil at Brandish on Saturday night.

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These are pdf files so you will need Adobe Acrobat/Reader to open them.

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