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Team Wilson & Collins Press Release 3

Author: Team W&C
Posted on: Wednesday, May 31 2006

Announcement Wednesday 31/5/6

We say sometimes that itís a small world but just read the following story that Ngo (pronounced NerrGo) told us, it blew us away.

She informed us that her father Lee upon hearing that she would be traveling to the I.O.M. for the races started to tell her an astonishing story. Apparently Lee was a cook on a steamer sailing between Cadiz and Cuba back in the mid sixties and being Vietnamese had a unique ability to make things out of nothing. Anyway Lee got friendly with a passenger on board who was going to the T.T. to race.

This person was non other than the almost legendry figure of Edgar Jessop, who had many a good scrap with Mike Hailwood and Bill Ivy here on the Island.
Some of you older hippy types will recall he was famous for racing in his plimsolls due to having his feet horrendously burned on the red hot exhausts of his machine when the footrests fell off.

Back to the story, Edgar commissioned Lee to make him 2 sets of sandals out of old U.S. Army truck tyres. He decided to wear these sandals in his comeback and final ride at the T.T. The reason he wanted to wear these bizarre sandals was two fold, he found he was more comfortable resting his feet on the exhausts thus dispensing with the cumbersome footrests and allowing a greater degree of lean when cornering! As the results of 1966 show the sandals appeared to have worked to a devastating effect!

See you all Sat morning

Ronnie Russell, Chaperone

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