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TT 2006 - Wednesday Night Practice Report

Author: Department of Tourism and Leisure
Posted on: Thursday, Jun 01 2006

Highlight of Wednesday night's practice session in the Isle of Man TT meeting was not one, but two, unofficial lap records. First of all came news of a lap at 127.81 miles an hour by John McGuinness, breaking - unofficially - his own outright record of 127.68 set up two years ago. His Superbike Honda stopped the clock at 17 minutes 42.73 seconds on his second circuit of the night.

Not to be outdone, the sidecar crew of Dave Molyneux and Craig Hallam also weighed in with an unofficial record lap. Their speed of 116.224 broke Molyneux's fastest sidecar lap which he set up, in last year's race, with Dan Sayle.

Earlier, Guy Martin got the solo practice off to a scorching start when he recorded the fastest time of the week, up to that point. His lap of 18 minutes 2.48 seconds represented a speed of 125.477 miles an hour, while Ian Lougher (125.390) and John McGuinness (124.996) were close behind.

Conditions were the best of the week so far, the strong winds which had posed problems for the competitors on the first three practice sessions having abated considerably.

This was adequately demonstrated by McGuinness's record-breaking lap. He will now be hoping to do it, officially, in the race itself on Saturday. Martin, too, went even faster than his opening lap, recording a speed of 126.414

Fastest speeds of the night

TT Superbike: John McGuinness, Honda, 127.810; Guy Martin, Yamaha, 126.414; Ian Lougher, Honda, 125.390.

TT Supersport: Bruce Anstey, Suzuki, 122.008; John McGuinness, Honda, 121.908; Guy Martin, Yamaha, 121.310.

TT Superstock: Guy Martin, Yamaha, 122.970; Ian Hutchinson, Kawasaki, 121.522; John McGuinnness, Honda, 120.793.

Sidecars: Dave Molyneux/Craig Hallam, Honda, 116.224; Nick Crowe/Darren Hope, Honda, 110.357; Klaus Klaffenbock/Christian Parzer, Honda, 109.961.

A total of 212 machines went through scrutineering, including 54 sidecars.

James Cornell, the sidecar passenger injured in Saturday night's opening practice, was described as 'still critical.' However, there was better news about his driver, Doug Dano, who has now been discharged from Noble's Hospital in Douglas.

Medical reports were also issued in respect of the two riders who collided on the exit from Union Mills on Monday night. Japan's Jun Maeda was said to be 'critical' while Seamus Greene was 'critical but stable.'

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