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!! RESEARCH QUESTIONNAIRE - help needed !!

Author: Dr. Adam Standring
Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 13 2004

Basically we have been looking at how dehydrated racers are getting to see if they are drinking enough of the right fluids before and during their races. Please help if you can, and EVEN IF NOT A RACER I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR YOUR OPINIONS

Please copy and paste this into an email, enter your answers and email the completed form to:

Ta! Dr Adam Standring

Nobles Isle of Man Hospital, A&E department

NAME (optional):



DO YOU RACE*? If YES then please answer the questions in terms of your racing experience:

WHAT TYPES OF MACHINE? (Solos/Sidecars/Engine size?)


WHAT TYPE OF RACING (Track/Road) AND WHERE? *if appropriate:


The Questions:

1. Do you think dehydration has affected you whilst racing or riding? Give examples:

2. Does heat or cold affect you when racing or riding? Give examples

3. Have you ever been troubled by muscle cramps or 'arm pump'? Give examples

4. Have you ever suffered eyesight problems during a race or ride? (eg - blurred vision)

5. Have you ever suffered concentration or memory problems during a race or ride? Give examples

6. Ever had severe fatigue or weakness in a race or ride? Give examples:

7. Do you find breathing is a problem during racing or riding at speed?

8. Do you think you hold your breath sometimes whilst you race? If yes, then when do you tend to do this?

9. What do you drink before a race? How much? Why do you choose that drink?

10. Do you drink at pit stops (TT/MGP/enduro)? How much?

11. What do you drink after a race? How much?

12. What problems have you had with taking fluids before a race? (eg - needing the toilet, sloshing in stomach, too nervous etc)

13. What types of drink do you know that can cause dehydration?

14. Do you eat any special foods, energy bars or supplements before a race? Give examples of what, when and how:

15. Any other special fitness preparations?

16. Is there anything you wish to add?

Thankyou for your help :)
Your answers will help all bikers towards better and safer rides.
This research is solely for the benefit of bikers and bike racers.

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