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ULW & LW Race Report

Author: Press Office
Posted on: Friday, Sep 01 2006

Early leader in the 250cc Lightweight category was Neil Kent from Boston on Dennis Trollope’s Yamaha. He lapped at 112.11mph from a standing start to lead Barry Davidson from Ballymena (Honda) by 12.36seconds, with Tony Cawte from Crosby on the Mannin Collections Honda third a further 2.20seconds in arrears. Fourth was Nigel John, fifth Brian Spooner and sixth Stuart Garton.

The Ultra Lightweight was led by Monday’s Newcomers’ Race winner Michael Dunlop (125 Honda) by 0.45seconds from Mark Castle on the KS Performance 400 Honda, with Alan Oversby (400 Honda) third. Fourth was Andrew Kirkwood, fifth Scott Shimmin and sixth Graham Taubman, all on 400cc machines.

Refuelling stops were taken at the end of the second lap (the half-way point) with Davidson taking the lead by 0.7seconds at 111.607mph. Spooner overhauled John and Cawte to take fourth, with Garton still sixth. Kent then suffered problems at the Pits and dropped time wholesale, making Spooner second. And Kent’s problems continued then ended with retirement at the Bungalow.

There was drama in the Ultra-Lightweight where Dunlop’s brave bid to beat all the 400s on his 125 came to a halt at Kirk Michael when he retired with mechanical trouble. Nephew Sam Dunlop, also riding a 125 Honda, fared poorer – he crashed at the 75mph Ballaspur but received only minor injuries. That let Oversby (who moved ahead of Castle) into the lead by ten seconds, topping a horde of 400 four-strokes, the best remaining 125 being Dan Sayle in 13th place.

After three of the four laps of the 250cc race, it was still Davidson from Spooner by 10.58 seconds but Cawte and John lost time in a tangle at Ramsey Hairpin, then crashed out ten seconds later at the Waterworks, but were not seriously injured. That allowed Garton up to third and Brian Mateer to fourth, Mark Waddell fifth and Chris Barratt sixth.

Oversby had always threatened to win the Senior Classic but had always been let down by bike trouble, and he was determined not to let this latest chance slip. He was just comfortably up on Castle, with Manxman Taubman on for a rostrum.

Davidson duly knocked off the last lap to win the Lightweight by 11.22seconds from Spooner, with Garton content to consolidate third even at a distance.

Oversby at last got his MGP win by 15seconds from Castle, with Taubman third, the 125s being eclipsed once Michael Dunlop had retired father Robert’s Honda. Best was Dan Sayle in 15th place.

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