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Hayden Fitzgerald - Quick Race Report

Author: NCT Racing
Posted on: Sunday, Jan 21 2007

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In qualifying I finished in 3rd, not going as fast as I was in practice but not far off.

Race one, at Levels, I managed an okay start but was pushed wide into turn one loosing about 3-4 places, getting good drive down the back straight I passed one rider out of the turn while another passed me, I was sandwiched betweed the riders when one braked at the 200 and I am used to braking at the 150.

With no room and speeds of around 280kmh (175mph) I hit into the back of the Yamaha coming off. I slid on my back, soon tumbling in the dirt then eventually hitting the tyre wall, while the bike flipped up, went over the tyre wall and hitting Gordon's (Marshal) 4x4 wrighting it off completely.

Getting a ride back to the pits I grabbed my transponder and limped to my spare bike which I was getting a lot of help from everyone to get ready for the restart. I completed 8 laps before the handle bar came loose and eventually retiring.

Came back in and got checked out at the hospital ~ Badly sprained ankle and a tweaked knee.

I have been having extensive physio therapy and dad has been working hard to get my bike ready for this weekend at Ruapuna raceway for the 3rd round of the SsangYong New Zealand Superbike Championships 2007.

Signing out

Hayden Fitzgerald

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