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Phil Hogg Rescue Units & Rob Vine Fund Auction

Author: Shaun Hogg
Posted on: Monday, Jan 29 2007

This auction has been running since 1991 & has always been held with the support of Jean, David Shirley & the late Derek Birch at the Imperial Hotel on Douglas promenade & ably backed up by TT & MGP commentator Roy Moore as DJ & compere & in recent years his son Peter.

This year sees a new era with the Birch family recently leaving the Imperial we have been forced to look for a new venue, in this we have come up trumps as the General Manager of The Hilton Hotel, Robert Duncan, has offered the Shearwater Suite in the hotel to us, which we have taken. Mr Duncan was very keen to help our fund & has given us everything we have asked for, for which we are extremely grateful.

So the Hilton it is on Friday 9th March at 8pm in The Shearwater Suite.

There are a number of changes to the normal evening, which we felt was perhaps becoming a little stale, the main one being we have done away with the buffet which puts a big hole in our time. This is reflected in the ticket price which is only 2.50 , there will of course be a good prize on your ticket number as usual.

We will therefore be hoping to start auctioneering earlier and hopefully we will have the usual number of items to deal with. We had 176 last year, when we ran out of time, hence no buffet.

I will also be pre-selling certain items at sensible prices, again to try & get through the evening at a reasonable pace.

We will have our raffle of course which I try to make as good as possible, I still dont know what the girls in the beauticians make of me when I go for beauty vouchers !!

We are hopeful that Roy will actually have time this year to spend some time playing music, which he has not had the chance to do for a number of years, I might even have time for a pint after auction.

If anyone can help with items for auction or raffle i.e. pictures etc we are very grateful, I can be contacted on 07624 427771 or 01624 620774 or

Anyone wishing to travel over for weekend I can get preferencial rates in The Hilton if you contact me.

Thanks Shaun

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