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Press Release: Manx Motor Cycle Club Ltd

Author: Manx Motor Cycle Club Ltd.
Posted on: Tuesday, Mar 27 2007

The Manx Motor Cycle Club Ltd. is anxious to ensure the long term future of the Manx Grand Prix Races [MGP].

Stability in the MGP is seen as vitally important, wherever this can be acheived.

In addition, continuing with the mix of Classic and Modern Races is seen as fundamental to the continuing success of the MGP. A thorough review is therefore being undertaken with a view to producing a five year, or longer, plan for the MGP. One of the objectives of the review is to enable the Club to give competitors/entrants the maximimum possible notice of any significant changes to the Regulations.

It is intended that the review will cover such issues as :- The complete Race Programme - i.e. both Modern and Classic.

The Race Classes - to ensure that we continue to run the Classes that the riders want. The cut-off dates for Classic machinery.

The Club invites riders and/or entrants to assist in this review process by submitting their views on any issues in writing to the future of the MGP Races.

All views should be submitted, in writing, to:- Harvey Garton Sundown, Ballanard Road Douglas, Isle of Man IM2 5PW

Your assistance in planning the future of the MGP will be much appreciated.

W.L. Bennett Chairman Manx Motor Cycle Club Ltd.

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