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Manx Grand Prix press release 1

Author: Manx Motor Cycle Club Ltd.
Posted on: Thursday, Apr 12 2007

Entries are now being received for the Manx Grand Prix motor cycle races, to be held on the Snaefell Mountain Course from 18th to 31st August.

Regulations show little difference from those of recent years, except that in the Class B of the Newcomers’ race and in the Lightweight race machines up to 350cc will be permitted, where previously 250cc was the limit.

This is being done in a bid to boost entries, and it is hoped that owners of 350cc twin-cylinder Yamahas will be encouraged to enter, whereas previously they were not catered for.

Otherwise, the meeting is the usual ten-class event, featuring modern and classic machinery competing over a full fortnight's practising and racing.

Last year the closest-ever Mountain Course race was witnessed, when Craig Atkinson defeated Derek Brien by one-hundredth of a second after four laps of the Junior race.

Qualification for the MGP is open to holders of national licences issued by the Auto-Cycle Union or Scottish Auto-Cycle Union issued at least six months prior to the event. In addition, all competitors must hold a “TT Course Licence”, which requires them to have competed satisfactorily in at least six race meetings during the 13months prior to the end of June this year. Riders who qualified for last year’s Manx Grand Prix or TT will be able to count that as one of the qualifying events, and if they finished in either will need only four other satisfactory results.

Foreign competitors are always most welcome at the MGP but must have had their own country’s national licence for at least six months and possess the TT Course Licence.

Practising will commence on Saturday August 18th and continue each evening until Saturday August 25th excepting Sunday August 19th. In addition, a one-lap practice session for those riding in the Senior, Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight races will be held after racing on Wednesday August 29th.

Qualifying times for this year’s event are: Senior and Junior races 23 minutes (98.42mph); Lightweight 24 minutes (94.32mph); Ultra Lightweight and Newcomers A 25 minutes (90.55mph); Newcomers B 26 Minutes (87.06mph); Newcomers C and Senior Classic 27 minutes (83.84mph); Junior Classic 28 minutes (80.85mph) and Lightweight Classic 29 minutes (78.06mph).

The three race days will be Monday August 27th, Wednesday August 29th and Friday August 31st, with provision for each day’s racing to be postponed to the following day.

The outright lap record for the Manx Grand Prix stands to Preston’s Alan Jackson (750 Kawasaki) from the 2005 Senior race. He lapped in 18 minutes 31.4 seconds, an average speed of 122.20mph.

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