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Does Edgar have a sidekick, faithful mechanic, mentor?

Posted on: Wednesday, Apr 18 2007

Does Edgar have a sidekick, faithful mechanic, mentor. Is it true that he spent part of his childhood with the thirteenth Dalai Lama (1876-1933) at a hidden mountain retreat in Tibet. The number thirteen appears to have a mystical significance in Edgar's affairs.
Extract from an Ian Norris tribute site.
The story about Edgar's illegitimate son Tyler.
When returning from an Eastern European GP Edgar picked up a nice American girl hitchhiker and one thing led to another. She returned to America but, as we explained, " there was issue" and the American girl telephoned Edgar to ask what name she should give the little boy. However it was a bad phone line and
Edgar thought she was asking where he was going so he said " T' Isle'r Man" which was why the child was called Tyler Mann !
Did you know that Edgar Jessop's grandson grows Shiitake mushrooms in Texas.

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