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HANNspree rewards pole winners

Author: HANN spree Press Release
Posted on: Sunday, Apr 29 2007

The innovative LCD TV manufacturer will present Toseland with a HANNSfire.truck - a 9.6" screen set into a bright red fire engine surround. The British rider will receive his gift from the HANNSgirls on the grid at the beginning of race one.

HANNspree will also award a television to Kenan Sofuoglu as the pole sitter for the World Supersport Championship race. The HANNspree Ten Kate Honda rider will receive a HANNSrobby television - a fun and colourful frog-shaped model with 9.6" screen.

President of HANNspree's European operations Kevin Chang explains why the company is keen to offer the prize: "We are proud to sponsor the World Superbike Championship and want to show our support of the riders by offering a gift to the pole sitters in each race. We would like to share our fun and exciting philosophy and the best way to do that is to give them a taste of our most popular products."

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