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Author: Maria Costello
Posted on: Tuesday, May 15 2007

After a small off, under braking, at University corner on her Bering Honda CBR600RR in Tuesday night’s practice session, Maria was given a medical examination by Race Doctor John Hinds, where she was declared fit to practice on her Black Horse Honda RFV400 in Thursday night’s practice session.

Subsequently Maria was then asked by the Clerk of the Course to have yet another medical, despite the earlier examination, by a different doctor, Dr Elder, and she was then deemed unfit.

Maria is a highly respected road racer with past successes at both the NW200 and Isle of Man TT, “I would like to know why one doctor saw me fit to ride and the other didn't, something seems a little odd. And I wouldn’t put myself or others at risk, my small fracture of my collar bone is not a problem, it is stable, it's not like breaking a wrist, my # is in a place that won't even move during riding.”

The unusual request of a second medical has left Maria feeling unfairly treated especially when she knows in herself that she ca ride and that there are other racers competing with worse injuries, some of who have not even been asked to have a medical.

Maria has put in a compliant asking the Stewards of the meeting why the word of a highly respected and regarded Doctor such as John Hinds was over ruled. She is still awaiting a reply.

To contact the NW200 Clerk of the Course, Mervyn Whyte, or his secretary email: /

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