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Record Guinness attempt at Douglas burnout

Author: TM Partners
Posted on: Tuesday, May 22 2007

The current world record for the greatest number of simultaneous rear tyre burnout’s is 106 bikes for 30 seconds but for an event of this size, 1006 bikes could easily take part. Organisers Straightliners Limited, who also organise some of Britain’s premiere streetbike drag racing events, need as many bikers as possible to help re write the record books on the Isle of Man.

Two dedicated Pirelli Burnout Boxes will be situated close to the famous Bushy’s beer tent and bikers will be able to, well . . burn rubber, every evening for the nine days of this amazing event.

But the ultimate challenge will be to beat the world record at 7.45pm on Thursday 7th June. The noise will be broadcast on Manx Radio TT, the images will be captured on thousands of mobile ‘phone cameras and the Relentless Big Screen and the tyre smoke will drift across the Irish Sea for days. Are you watching, Google Earth?

All participants will receive a Straightliners certificate and when the dust has settled and the adrenaline subsides, Pirelli will be on hand to supply fresh rubber to anyone with no tread left for the ride home.

Entry to Bushy’s Centenary TT Relentless Entertainment Zone and the world record attempts is free for all, entertainment starts at 8.30pm on Thursday 31st and Friday 1st, but from 7.30pm every evening from Saturday 2nd until Friday 8th June and finishes at midnight, probably. . .

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