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Author: Helen Pask
Posted on: Thursday, May 31 2007

Saturday saw Steve, from Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire, lead the TT newcomers off on a controlled speed lap behind the travelling marshal and after that he rode the AIM Yamaha around at his own pace to begin his familiarisation of the 37.73-mile public roads course that winds around the Island, through towns and villages, and over the heights of Snaefell Mountain.

“We managed to get in four laps in all, three on the Supersport bike and one on the Superstock,” said Steve.. “It was an enjoyable experience but a little frustrating at times. I took my time, taking it nice and steady, finding some parts really comfortable but was a little inaccurate in others, especially the Mountain section which I found was definitely the most difficult to learn.”

Timed practise began on Monday evening but the weather conditions were unpredictable preventing him from getting anywhere near the pace he wanted.

Steve posted some respectable times on all three machines, Superbike, Superstock and Supersport and continued to learn his way around the course, gaining confidence with every outing.

Conditions on Tuesday evening were perfect and the Steve took advantage of the warmer and dry weather to gain as much experience as possible.

He began the evening with two laps on the AIM Yamaha R6 Supersport bike improving his lap time to 116.555mph before taking the Superstock bike around the course for a lap, again improving his times in that class to 113.728mph. Finally he hopped onto the Superbike and posted a faster lap of 116.687mph to provisionally claim the fastest newcomer title after two sessions in both the Superbike and Supersport classes.

“I followed Bruce Anstey around for a while on the Superbike in an effort to learn different sections of the course and was out again on Wednesday at 6.30am in the car going through a few sections I am not too happy with,” explained Steve. “But overall I am going well, we have tried a few different settings on all three machines to enable me to feel a little more comfortable on the roughest sections of the course and will implement those next time out.”

Wednesday evening’s practise was not looking good as the weather forecast was for rain and mist on the mountain. This proved to be the case and by 4.30pm the practise session was called off.

If weather conditions improve Steve will be out again on Thursday and Friday evening for the final two sessions before taking to the track under race conditions for the first time on Saturday in the 6-lap Superbike TT race starting at noon – weather permitting!

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