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Author: Evantageous PR
Posted on: Wednesday, Jun 06 2007

TT Centenary Book Offer
A photographic celebration of the world's greatest motorcycle races
By Don Morley
Foreword: Geoff Duke OBE
Publication date: OUT NOW!
ISBN: 9781844254194, Hb,
RRP: £30.00

Published to coincide with the centenary of the Isle of Man TT, this glorious photographic book presents a portfolio of work from Don Morley, the hugely respected motorcycle racing photographer who fell in love with the TT on his first visit in 1953 and returned every year until 2004.

Every page of the book offers a feast of glorious images, from the legendary Geoff Duke winning the 1955 Senior with his works 500cc four-cylinder Gilera, to epic battles of the modern era featuring stars such as John McGuinness, Adrian Archibald, and recent sidecar World Champions Klaus Klaffenböck and Christian Parzer. Mona's Isle provides a unique challenge to the professional photographer. Due to the extreme length of the circuit, some classes have few laps and thus scant photo opportunities. During the races Don would be dashing through the back lanes and tracks to reach the series of - carefully planned - viewpoints from which he could get the dramatic photographs for which he is famous.

In the 1950s, before the age of easy travel, just getting to the Island was an adventure. The fact that most of the winning riders and bikes were British added to the thrill. But for Don Morley - who went on to become the official photographer for the British Olympic Association for many years, covered five Olympic Games and five soccer World Cups, as well as working as a staff photographer on Motor Cycle News, The Guardian and World Sports - the magic continues to this day. He says no other sporting event has ever matched the TT for sheer excitement.

A Centenary Edition

Mac McDiarmid
Foreword: John McGuinness
Publication date: OUT NOW!
ISBN: 9781844254316, Pb,
RRP: £8.99

As the Isle of Man celebrates 100 years of the greatest road race in the world, the TT has come full circle - as the ultimate test of both motorcycle technology and the men who pit it against the cruellest circuit on earth. During that century, horsepower has soared from a handful, when two-wheelers began racing over The Mountain, to over 200 today.

Precisely 100 years ago men pitted themselves against The Mountain in the first motorcycle TT races, and set in motion a festival of speed which still resonates around the world of motorsport to this day. Before that, in May 1904 a motley collection of well-to-do gentlemen caused varying degrees of calamity on their Darracqs, Napiers and Wolselys as they thundered around a 51-mile course on the Isle of Man which includes the Mountain section of the infamous circuit still used by motorcycles. Twelve months later two-wheelers joined the fray, and in September 1905 the first TT races were held - again, for cars.

The motorcycle TT dates from 1907, and has continued every year with interruptions only for two world wars and one foot and mouth epidemic. Since that time, the Isle of Man has witnessed stirring deeds beyond number, glorious triumphs and gut-wrenching tragedies as young men and women have stood nose-to-nose with the greatest challenge in road racing.

The Magic of the TT is a celebration of that century of endeavour. In it, Mac McDiarmid, a former TT racer himself, tells the whole story - examines the pioneering origins of the races, of the riders and machines who played a key part in its history, the development of the TT circuit itself and the dramas which unfolded in its greatest races.

As TT racing enters its second century, "real" road racing finds itself increasingly remote from mainstream, circuit-based motorcycle racing. The searing speeds of modern machines, which have seen the TT lap record rise to over 129mph, raise serious questions in an increasingly safety-conscious age. Today, the future of the TT is under threat as it rarely has been before. The Magic of the TT considers not only the prospects for "The Last of the Great Road Races", but also the sometimes dubious morality which characterised the event's earlier years. To anyone with a passion for motorsport or road racing, this lavishly-illustrated book is not to be missed.

Available from all good retailers including The Lexicon Bookshop, Douglas;
or direct from Amazon

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