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Marshalling Incentive Launched for TT and MGP

Author: Isle of Man Tourist and Leisure Dept
Posted on: Monday, Apr 14 2008

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has launched an offer aimed at encouraging race marshals to work on both the TT and the Manx Grand Prix 2008.

The Company has liaised with the Department of Tourism & Leisure in development of the incentive, which will offer half price motorcycle and rider travel on the ferry when a marshal comes to the Island to work on the MGP, having also worked on the TT.

Both events depend on volunteer visitor marshals, who receive no payment or contribution to travel costs. Last year the MGP was short of sufficient marshals to the extent there was a risk some races would not go ahead.

As the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company plays such a large role in the TT and MGP festivals, bringing the majority of tourists, racers and marshals to the Island, the Company wanted to introduce an incentive that would be of real benefit to the races as well as to individuals. Chief Executive Mark Woodward said: “The Steam Packet Company is already a major sponsor of sporting and racing events in the Isle of Man. This is a new initiative to work in conjunction with the Department of Tourism & Leisure in a way that will hopefully ensure that both events have sufficient marshals, which clearly makes for better festivals for all involved”.

Minister for Tourism & Leisure, Adrian Earnshaw MHK has greeted the incentive with enthusiasm: “I’m pleased that we can work together with the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company on this innovative offer. It’s great to see such a company creating opportunities that will be of real benefit to the Island’s vital tourism industry”.

This offer cannot be booked in advance of the TT or MGP. Marshals attending both events should contact the TT Marshals Association for further details on obtaining discount refunds for their MGP trip.

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