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Strong start for Harris

Author: Honda Press Release
Posted on: Tuesday, Mar 29 2005

Harris made a confident start to his first Superbike race for and maintained his qualifying position of eighth at the end of an action-packed first lap. He had almost collided with Leon Haslam after the former World Superbike rider made a mistake on the exit of Graham Hill Bend. The back-to-back British Supersport Champion recovered from this minor setback and carved his way through a highly competitive field to take a deserved top six finish on his CBR1000RR Fireblade.

The start of the second leg went according to plan and Harris was dicing with the leading group of riders in the early stages of the 30-lap race. When the dust settled, the rider emerged from a tense battle of Britain's finest Superbike riders to take his second sixth place finish of the day.

Karl Harris: "I'm pleased with how it's gone overall today. The first race result wasn't so bad after I became tangled up with Leon Haslam on the first lap. I was determined to do better in the second leg and that's how it turned out in terms of my performance. I felt that I rode better when you consider who finished the second leg and that's a tribute to how well the Fireblade performed over race distance. This has been an ideal start to my British Superbike campaign and it has given me the confidence from which to build upon these results."

Superbike race one result: 1. R. Kiyonari (HM Plant Honda Racing) 23:17.575 2. G. Lavilla (Ducati) +10.242; 3. G. Richards (Kawasaki) +10.432; 4. M. Rutter (HM Plant Honda Racing) +10.533; 5. S. Emmett (Yamaha) +14.168; 6. K. Harris ( +18.874; 7. J. McWilliams (Honda) +24.408; 8. D. Thomas (Kawasaki) +24.604; 9. J. Reynolds (Suzuki) +26.892; 10. T. Hill (Yamaha) +32.289

Fastest lap: 0:45.954 R. Kiyonari (lap 3) new lap record

Superbike race two result: 1. R. Kiyonari (HM Plant Honda Racing) 23:16.796; 2. M. Rutter (HM Plant Honda Racing) +5.041; 3. G. Lavilla (Ducati) +8.027; 4. L. Haslam (Ducati) +9.786; 5. S. Emmett (Yamaha) +14.181; 6. K. Harris ( +14.421; 7. G. Richards (Kawasaki) +16.612; 8. S. Smart (Suzuki) +24.002; 9. J. Reynolds (Suzuki) +24.439; 10. G. Mason (Honda) +24.506

Fastest lap: 0:46.093 G. Lavilla (lap 14)

Championship points after one round: 1. Kiyonari - 50; 2. Lavilla 36; 3. Rutter 33; 4. Richards 25; 5. Emmett 22; 6. Harris 20; 7. Reynolds 14; 8=. Thomas, Haslam 13; 10. Hill 10

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