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Author: TTMA
Posted on: Monday, May 05 2008

Chief Marshal

Isle of Man Chief Constable Mike Langdon has taken on the role of Chief Marshal for the 2008 TT Races it has been confirmed by the Isle of Man Government.

The Chief Marshal is responsible for ensuring manning levels around the course, working with the Clerk of the Course, Course Maintenance and the ACU Road Race Manager.

The appointment will see Mr Langdon working with ACU Event Ltd and Bill Carden, the recently-elected Chairman of the TT Marshals Association, and all their officials, to ensure the safe running of this year’s TT races.

The Chief Constable is trained to UK standards for the management of sporting events.

Mr Langdon said:

‘The Isle of Man Constabulary and the Marshals Association have been working closely together over the past few months to establish effective working practices and systems to help marshals carry out their jobs at the TT races. I will look to put those into effect at this year’s races.’

Tourism and Leisure Minister Adrian Earnshaw added:

‘Chief Constable Langdon will bring great experience to what is a pivotal role in the running of the TT. I’m delighted that he has accepted the position, which demonstrates the close working relationship between the TTMA and the Isle of Man Constabulary.’

TTMA chairman Mr Carden also confirmed that over 700 marshal forms had now been received at the TTMA offices.

He said:

‘We hope to have over 1,000 marshals registered by the start of TT2008, which would be in line with other years.’

‘However, we can’t have too many, particularly Manx-based, marshals, so would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet signed up to register.’

TT 2008 Signing On Forms

If you intend marshalling at this years TT, but have not yet returned your form, we would be very grateful if could return it to the Secretary as soon as possible, so that your packs can be made up, and the Sector Chief Marshals can prepare their rota’s in readiness for the beginning of practice.

If your form has not arrived please either call our office on (01624) 618191 or email and we will send you a replacement.

Social Night at the Villa Marina

In conjunction with the Department of Tourism and Leisure, we have arranged a Social evening at the Villa Marina in the Promenade Suite between 7pm and 11pm. You will be able to collect your packs on the evening, and Paul Phillips is arranging for many of the leading competitors at this years TT to attend.

A complementary drink will be provided by the DoTL. Manx Radio/Radio TT will also be in attendance during the evening.

The evening is open to both existing and new marshals and we look forward to seeing you there.

TT 2008 Signing On Forms

The signing-on forms were posted to everyone on our database at the end of March. We would be very grateful if completed forms could be sent back to the Secretary as soon as possible, so that your packs can be made up, and the Sector Chief Marshals can prepare their rota’s in readiness for the beginning of practice.

If your form has not arrived please either call our office on (01624) 618191 or email and we will send you a replacement.

Chairmans Column

Not long now before it all takes off again; the days are flying past; we will soon be in the midst of hundreds of bikes and TT fans once again.

With that thought in mind; ‘hundreds of TT fans’ it might well be a good idea to encourage more of them to sign on and marshal the races. It’s a phrase used many times in the past; if we all found one new marshal it would secure our manning levels immediately. So if you personally know any of the expected TT visitors; or those Island based TT spectators; ask them if they would be prepared to help out by marshalling. My view on the matter of marshalling is this; if you are here for the races why not get involved to ensure we have more than enough marshals and the races are secure.

The good news recently is the appointment of Mike Langdon the Chief Constable as the Chief Marshal. You cannot get a better endorsement of what we are doing than having the Chief Constable on your team. The police along with DoTL have been very busy lately putting in a great deal of time and resources to help make sure what we do as marshals is safer for all concerned.

As I write; the long awaited prohibited and restricted area notices are not yet complete; I am however assured that its completion is imminent and we will soon have hard copies. Also in the pipeline is the creation of the checklist that all marshal locations will have; this is a sheet listing all the individual locations equipment and signage. All that is needed is for the deputy or senior marshal to check the items against the list and date and sign that he/she has done so. Anything missing or adrift on the list would need to be reported to control for rectification.

There have been some murmurings regarding restricted/prohibited areas with a view as to where the spectators will go if they are moved on. First I am not sure that there are very many affected areas; I am told they have been kept to a minimum. There is something we must all come to terms with though and that is the probable need to change how we allow people to spectate. If we wish the races to continue we must change with the times and if that means no legs over the walls or hedges and more fences to stand behind we will have to get used to it; the alternative is that we will have no racing to worry about. Whilst we do not wish to encourage anyone to marshal just to get a better vantage point; it may just win a few who would be willing to observe rather than watch and then in turn become efficient regular marshals.

Current figures at the time of writing are 796 marshals forms returned; if you are still holding yours please fill it in and send it back as soon as possible and remember the upper age limit has gone; if you were seventy last year and were told that you needed to retire, that no longer applies.

As always if you have any questions or thoughts on what or how we do what we do; please get in touch. You are welcome at the office any time and remember we are all volunteers in one big team; all on the same side with the ultimate goal; to put on another fantastic TT road race.


Bill Carden


Novice Marshals

Don’t forget, if you are a Novice marshal, you can obtain a signature by marshalling at the Jurby South Road Races on the Saturday 17th May. It is a good event to blow off the cobwebs before the TT starts the following weekend. Experienced marshals are also required for the event.

Signing on for Marshals is in the Marshal's Lounge in the control tower. Marshals can sign on from 11.00 onwards, with roads closing at 12:45.

Steam Packet Discount Scheme for 2008 TT and MGP Marshals

The aim of this scheme is to reward those TT and MGP Marshals who attend both events in the same year. It is also hoped that the scheme will assist in increasing the number returning to marshal at MGP 2008.

Discount Available

A person paying a MGP ferry fare of £200 or less will receive a discount/refund of 50% of the fare paid.

Anyone paying a ferry fare of more than £200 will receive the maximum discount/refund of £100.

This discount/refund will be given against the ferry booking for the Manx Grand Prix, provided that the applicant has marshalled at both the TT 2008 and MGP 2008 and that they have booked with the Steam Packet Company for both trips.

No discount is available for visiting marshals who travel to only one event.

Discounts cannot be requested in advance of travel and can only be claimed during MGP 2008.

Discount will be given against foot passenger bookings or any vehicle and passenger bookings with the exception of any commercial/freight bookings.

How do I Apply?

Marshals signing on for the TT 2008 will be given a form which they will be required to retain and complete prior to taking it to the Ferry Travel Shop in the Sea Terminal in Douglas during the Manx Grand Prix period.

Warrant and Pack collection:

Pack collection for the 2008 TT will take place between 6:30pm and 8:30pm at the following locations:

Monday 19th May - Ramsey Masonic Hall

Tuesday 20th May - Tynwald Inn at St John’s,

Wednesday 21st May - The Sulby Glen Hotel, Sulby

Thursday 22nd May – The George in Castletown Square

In a change to previous years, you will also be able to collect your packs on the evening of Friday 23rd May between 7pm and 11pm from the Promenade Suite at the Villa Marina. Riders will be in attendance on the night and a complimentary drink will be provided courtesy of the Department of Tourism and Leisure.

Office Opening Times for TT 2008

The minimum office opening times for collection of packs or to sign on during TT2008 will be as follows:

Saturday 24th May – 8:30am to 7:30pm

Sunday 25th May – 9am to 5pm

Monday 26th May to Saturday 31st May – 8:30am to 7:30pm

Sunday 1st June – 10am – 4pm

Monday 2nd June to Friday 6th June – 9am to 5pm

Marshals Coach

We have been looking at utilising the spare seats on the marshals coach which is used to transport some marshals to locations on the Mountain section which have limited parking.

The coach has 21 seats, and 11 are filled by regulars. This means that we have 10 seats available for anyone who may wish to marshal on the Mountain Section of the course. The allocation of these seats will be on a first come, first served basis, and tickets for each session will be issued from our office at the back of the Grandstand.

We would like to use these extra seats to help fill areas which may have low manning levels. If you would like to reserve a place on the coach, please contact our Secretary at our office, and she will issue you with a ticket for that day, and advise you where you need to meet the coach.

In order to utilise this efficiently, we will issue the 10 tickets daily during practice week, and the previous day in race week.

Radio and Flag Training

Additional Flag and Radio Training has been arranged for Saturday 24th May. The flag training will take place at 10am, and the TETRA Radio training at 11am outside our office behind the Grandstand.

Marshals Open Day

Our regular training day will this year be held on Sunday 25th May, from 10 a.m. until 1pm, at the St John Ambulance HQ opposite the TT Grandstand. The Training Day will include:

Training on the use of the TETRA radio's

Refresher training by St John Ambulance (Helmet Removal, stiff neck collar, CPR etc.)

Flag demonstrations’

If you have would like to practice any of the skills learnt on an IMC course, or would simply like to know how to remove a helmet, put on a stiff neck collar etc. or need some additional training on the use of the TETRA radio's, we would like to see you.

We hope that as many marshals as possible will be able to attend on the day.

Helicopter Loading Procedure

The Helicopter Loading Procedure demonstration will take place at 1:30pm on Sunday 25th May on Vagabonds Rugby Pitch.

IMC Training Courses

We are continuing to train marshals at a prodigious rate, and the total trained this winter now stands at 376. We still have some places available during practice week, on Thursday 29th May. If you would like to reserve a place on this course please contact the office, places are going fast though so it would be best to get your booking in quickly.

The list of confirmed courses for 2008 is as follows:

May 29th (TT Practice Week) Masonic Hall Douglas

May 30th (TT Practice Week) Masonic Hall Douglas (Full)

August 22nd (MGP Practice Week) Masonic Hall Douglas

In addition, we have confirmed dates for next winter as follows:

October 5th St Johns HQ Douglas

November 9th St Johns HQ Douglas

November 22nd & 23rd Liverpool

As always if you have any comments on the training offered by the TTMA, or anything you feel that marshals should receive training on that is not covered by the IMC, let us know. We are constantly reviewing our training, and your comments are helpful.

To make a comment, or to book a course, please contact us on or phone the office on 01624 618191.

Best wishes,

Andy Dorman

Training Director

Committee News

So, what has happened in the last few weeks and where are we up to?

1) The review of benefits for Life Members is continuing

2) The Marshalling Matters handbook has been re-written and is now called ‘Marshalling on the Mountain Course’. The booklet is now with the printers, and will be in your packs. When you receive a new copy; please read it as it contains important changes.

Cathy Pullen’s Column

Thank you to all those of you who have sent in your signing on forms, the office reports a steady flow, but as Bill has already said, we need more yet, many places are still not fully manned.

Earlier in the month Dave Lancaster and I went to Gloucester to do two IMC’s, we made use of the excellent facilities at the St John HQ there. It was really good to see so many keen people coming to do the course, with a good mix of experience too, some old hands at marshalling; some who had done a few sessions and some complete novices who want to marshal to put something back into the races they love to watch. Many of those who attended the courses travelled quite a distance to take part, but I think they all enjoyed their training.

After a delayed start to the preparations for this years TT, it is good to see that things are now well on schedule. We are almost ready to print the latest marshalling book to go in the packs which will contain all the up to date information for marshalling on the TT course. We still hope to produce a DVD in the not too distant future, about the use of the TETRA radio; this would enable people to watch it at their leisure and to digest the information at their own pace, something that is impossible when training at an IMC for example. It still remains the thing that many people find hardest to learn. Those of us who use the TETRA regularly have no problem, but if it is just thrust at you for the odd session it can be a bit daunting. When you are out marshalling, even if you are not tasked to use the radio, try to watch and listen when it is being used, that way you will feel more at home with it if your turn comes! We are also doing some training sessions at the office during TT, at all the signing on nights and at the refresher day at St John HQ in practice week.

With less than a month to go until the start of TT 2008 we need to continue to get those forms in, if yours is ready to post, almost filled in, somewhere to do or just plain not done yet, please get it posted. If you have lost yours, please request another, the Sector Marshals need to know what cover they have. We need plenty of marshals at all the locations around the TT course, so if you want to help marshal the event, please send in that form!! Talking with sector nines new Sector Marshal the other night, he says he still needs marshals on his section of the course, stunning scenery, excellent viewing of the racing and friendly sheep, what more do you need!! So if you fancy a spot up there, please send in a form marked sector 9 and Steve will happily call you to allocate one of his quality assured marshalling locations!

Sector 8 News

Thank you to everyone who has returned their signing on forms. It is pleasing to see that my rota is now nearly complete, 3 weeks before practice starts.

We have a number of new deputies in Sector 8 this year, and the full list for 2008 is as follows:

Keith Quane – Kerrowmoar

Tony Curtis - Kerrowmoar

Greg Moran – Glen Duff

Bill Carden – Glen Tramman

Geoff Hyde - Churchtown

Ian Kermode – Skye Hill

Neil Murray – Pinfold

Stewart Curphey (MGP Only) - Gardeners Lane

Howard Corlett – Schoolhouse Corner

Nigel Raven – Parliament Square

Ed Watling – Cruickshanks/May Hill

Craig Sims - Whitegates

Ian McMullen – Stella Marris

Robert Cummings – Ramsey Hairpin

There will be a number of Novice marshals in Sector 8 this year. Please make them feel welcome, and hopefully they will all be back at the TT or MGP in future years. If you are one of the Novice Marshals, then I hope the list above will enable you to identify the DSM at your location, and don’t forget to get your record card signed after each session.

If anyone has any problems or concerns in my sector during the event, please let either myself, or one of my deputies know, and we will do our best to resolve them.

I will endeavour to visit as many of the marshalling locations in my Sector as I can during the fortnight, but once again, thank you for your continued support.

Dave Clarke

Chief Sector Marshal

Stafford and Thundersprint Shows

Bill Carden and myself travelled to attend the two day Stafford Bike show which attracts 50,000 plus over the weekend of 26th & 27th April. Once again there was great interest in the TTMA stand, meeting with current marshals and lots interested in joining the Orange Army.

A lot of people also made the trip over from the Island, all calling in to see us and have a natter. Thanks go to Bills wife Jill, fellow director Mike Barker, and the Minister of Tourism Adrian Earnshaw, all of whom gave us a hand on the stall throughout the weekend.

We are of on our travels again on May 10th & 11th at the Thundersprint event at Nantwich. Another great show, which will attract in excess of 100,000 visitors over the 2 days. The events main sponsor is E.Bike insurance who are backers of the TTMA, having supplied us with the TTMA van. The organiser of the event is Frank Melling who will this year be riding in the Ducati parade during 2008 TT.

As mentioned in other places in the newsletter, we will be once again holding the free to enter marshals draw thoughout the TT fortnight. Simply fill in the entry card, which will be in your marshals pack and return it to either your sector marshal or the office, and you will be in the running for one of the great prizes on offer.

The draw will take place live on Radio TT each day and you will be contacted if you are a winner, so please remember to fill in all your contact details when completing the card.


Terry Holmes

Deputy Chairman

Prohibited & Restricted Areas

The descriptions of the Prohibited and Restricted Areas have changed slightly since last month. The updated version, which will appear in the Race Program and around the course is as follows:

Interpretation and Definition

The Road Races Act 1982 allows the Department to restrict, prohibit or regulate access to and over certain sections of The Course and land and property adjacent to The Course. For the purposes of this Order and this schedule the following definitions will apply:

RESTRICTED AREA: No person or vehicle shall during a closure period enter or remain on any land specified in Schedule 4 as detailed on the attached plan other than race officials, marshals, police officers in the course of their duty Gold Media Pass holders and other persons and vehicles approved by the Clerk of the Course. The extent of the restricted areas shall be clearly marked and indicated by notices bearing the words “Restricted Area”.

PROHIBITED AREA: No person or vehicle shall during a closure period enter or remain on any area of land specified in Schedule 4, as detailed on the attached plan except to go to the aid of a stricken or injured person or to prevent further danger or risk to the competitors or public. The extent of the prohibited areas shall be clearly marked and indicated by notices bearing the words “Prohibited Area”.

Members of the public who remain in a restricted or prohibited area once the road is closed are not only committing an offence punishable by a fine of up to £2,500 and possible imprisonment , but could also cause the race or practice to be stopped.

Marshals Supper and Prize Draws

The marshals Supper will once again be held at the Villa Marina in Douglas on Sunday 1st June 2008. The evening includes Supper, a Free Drink, Raffle, Riders Forum, Long Service Awards and a Prize Draw. There will also be a few surprises during the evening!

Entry is on production of your warrant card and doors open at 7:30pm.

Andreas Racing Association

Our first Road Race on the Isle of Man takes place on Saturday 17th May on the Jurby South Circuit. If anybody would like to marshal at the event, we would be delighted to see you. It is a great way to prepare for the TT, which starts the following weekend.

Signing on for Marshals is in our Marshal's Lounge in the control tower. Marshals can sign on from 11.00 onwards, with roads closing at 12:45.

For those who intend to marshal and join as a social member before the first meeting they are eligible for a full refund on your annual subs, just bring your marshal's membership card together with your social membership card to the Race Secretary Sarah Blake in the race office or Phil Kneen.

If you have any questions, contact our Chief Marshal Roger Moore on 240888 or email him on

Our remaining race dates for 2008 are:

Saturday 17th May 2008 - Jurby South Road
Sunday 15th June 2008 - Airfield Championship
Saturday 12th July 2008 - Jurby South Road - National
Sunday 27th July 2008 - Airfield Championship
Sunday 14th September 2008 - Airfield Championship
Sunday 5th October 2008 - 4hr Endurance Race

Keith McKay


Andreas Racing Association.

TTMA Forum

As some of you may know, we have a forum, which can be found at:

We will keep this updated with announcements as and when they are made, but it is also somewhere you can swap stories. I hope you will take a look, and join in some of the discussions on there.


You can contact our office by email at or at the following address:

PO Box 149

Isle of Man TT Marshals Association Limited


Isle of Man

IM99 3JA

Tel: +44 (0) 1624 618191

Training enquiries should be emailed to:

Our website address is


It has been a busy few weeks since the last newsletter, but I hope you will all agree that everything is now coming together nicely, and we will be ready by the 24th May.

I hope you all enjoy the TT this week, and I look forward to seeing you either at our Office, at the Marshals Supper or out marshalling on the course.

Have a great TT.


Dave Clarke


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