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One-way system in operation for TT

Author: DOT
Posted on: Monday, May 12 2008

Following the successful implementation of the one-way system for the Centenary TT in 2007, it has been agreed to make the road one-way again for this year.

The system was introduced in 2007 after a public consultation and endorsement from the Council of Ministers. The aim of the system is to improve public safety and reduce the likelihood of head-on collisions on the Mountain Road during the busy TT period.

The one-way system will run the length of the Mountain Road, from Ramsey Hairpin to Creg-ny-Baa, and will be in place for the entire TT fortnight, commencing on Saturday 24th May and reverting back to two-way traffic on Monday 9th June.

The road will be actively policed 24 hours a day during this period, and particular hazard points will be coned off and signed, in order to assist with traffic calming.

Specific locations where coning will be used are the Hairpin, Waterworks, Bungalow, Keppel Gate and Creg-ny-Baa.

Detailed arrangements are being made to enable marshals to get to and from their stations.

On the morning of Saturday 24th May, the Mountain Road will close at 10am and reopen not later than 2pm later that same day as a one-way road in the direction of the course.

It will remain one-way until Monday 9th June, when the road will close at 10am and reopen no later than 2pm the same day as a two-way road.

All cones and signs will be removed from the road before race and practice sessions and the Mountain Road will close early to facilitate this.

On practice days the road will close at 5pm, for the first race on Saturday31st May the road will close at 10.45am and for all other races the roads will close at 9.30am. It will then re-open only once the cones and signs have been replaced.

With regard to the Coast Road, between Douglas and Ramsey, there will be temporary parking restrictions in Onchan and Laxey and alterations to the timing of traffic signals.

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