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Author: Helen Pask
Posted on: Monday, Jun 23 2008

Qualifying was a close run affair with Reeves and Farrance claiming pole position just half a second faster than Delannoy and Cluze, the front row being completed by series leaders Paivarinta and Karttiala.

The Sprint race, run over 11 laps of the 2.281-mile German circuit began in the dry with Reeves and Farrance running in fourth place. But a heavy rainstorm brought the race to a halt at five laps distance and sent the riders scuttling back to pit lane for a swift change of tyres.

Once re-started Reeves took control at the front for a while before Paivarinta came past on his way to the win. Reeves tried his best to stick with him but the fast pace took its toll on his tyres and the Kent world champion completed the race in second place on the road although the aggregate times from both parts of the race gave him a fourth place finishing position and 13 championship points.

“I chose the wrong compound tyre for the restart and paid the price,” said Tim. “I opted for a soft rear when really I should have gone for a harder compound. As the race wore on it just broke up and I had the choice of slowing or perhaps crashing.”

Sunday saw the weather change and in sunny conditions with a temperature of over 30 degrees the riders lined up for the start of the Gold race. Run over 20 laps Reeves headed the action from the start and although challenged on more than one occasion by Delannoy he kept his cool in the sweltering heat and remained in front all the way to the chequered flag.

“That was some close race,” said Reeves. “But I knew I had the upper hand and was in complete control at the front. I had a bit extra in reserve so if a challenge did come from someone I could just push that bit harder.”

Reeves and Farrance maintain their second place in the rider standings but have edged a bit nearer to Paivarinta and Karttiala who, after three races are now just eight points ahead.

It’s a quick turnaround for the team as they head directly to Assen in Holland for the next round, which is to run alongside the MotoGP races on Saturday, June 28.

Directly the race has finished it will be a rush back to the UK to enable Reeves and Farrance to contest round two of the British F1 championship at Cadwell Park on Sunday. The team will miss qualifying but, along with several other world championship teams, has been given dispensation to start from the back of the grid.

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